Tuesday, April 21, 2009


By Barb Gillum

With spring finally arrived it is time start making plans for a summer of fun in vacationland, and you have lots to do.

· Mark your get away dates on the calendar,
· Make reservations,
· Start your tan

And there is:
. Get the fishing license,
· Schedule Charters
· Clean the bottom of the boat (or hire it done),
· Rig your tackle box
· Launch the boat

Find out what is happening this summer. Call me if you need info on the:

· Lakeside Daisy Celebration
· Walleye Festival
· Lakeside events and Hoover Auditorium Schedule
· Marblehead Lighthouse tours

Think about your favorite places to eat, favorite friends to visit and favorite places to stay. Perhaps you need a permanent place to stay.......
home, cottage or condominium in Lakeside, Marblehead, Catawba or Port Clinton. Let me help!

Click here for more information on real estate for sale in Lakeside, Marblehead, Port Clinton, Catawba or call Barb Gillum at 419-265-1331.

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