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Before you book your next vacation, visit Viscape.com for an easy way to find the perfect vacation property to rent or buy.

On Thursday, June 19, a mix of young entrepreneurs, professionals and travelers packed The City Tavern Club in the heart of Georgetown to celebrate the unofficial launch of a Web 2.0 social market place for vacation properties, vacation destinations and second homes created by young Arlington entrepreneurs Caroline Allison and Dan Engfer. Kicking music, great drinks and crazy contests helped turn the event into the hottest party of the summer.

The pair, who previously ran a highly successful residential real estate investment company together, came up with the idea for Viscape.com to simplify the process of finding a vacation home, and to fill a void in the private vacation rental market. “Our long-term goal is to maximize people’s vacation experiences, but the immediate goal is to provide an easy way to find the perfect vacation property,” Caroline said.

Caroline’s extensive background in real estate and business strategy-and the vision to marry the two-was instrumental for thinking up Viscape.com. Caroline spent several years in finance, working for Lehman Brothers New York and Hong Kong, and in Washington DC, helping technology start-ups get off the ground, before founding a residential real estate investment company together with Dan.

Viscape. com makes it possible for travelers to find their perfect vacation rental property, home or destination in five minutes or less. Travelers research destinations and compare hundreds of properties, including privately owned properties, based on criteria such as price, location and amenities. Revolutionary mapping technology pinpoints the exact location on the map, and the site’s Web 2.0 capability lets travelers connect with property owners and other travelers.

For realtors and property owners, Viscape.com provides an incredible opportunity to expose their properties-free of charge-to a global audience. Listing a property only takes a few minutes, and in addition to a description, realtors and property owners can add pictures and videos to showcase their properties.

Viscape focus will be on amassing content and building a community of travelers.

Viscape.com is a Web 2.0 social market place for vacation properties and second homes, where you can take care of your travel logistics in a snap while connecting with kindred travel spirits! Use Viscape to list your property for sale, rent or swap, and to plan a trip together with your family and friends. Find your perfect vacation home or destination in less than five minutes.

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