Thursday, February 18, 2010

First Four Months Free Rent Offered at Otterbein North Shore

Presented by: GLENDA WARD

A Continuing Care Retirement Community

There are numerous signs the economic crisis challenging the United States is nearing an end. The National Association of Home Builders announced this week “the worst is over”, and “existing home sales have been steadily increasing”. Regardless, home sales rates are still below the acceptable range and, as a result, the U. S. government has recently introduced a series of stimulus programs to promote sales and get us to spring when forecasts suggest even better home sales news.

In conjunction with the government’s actions, the Otterbein Retirement Community in North Shore is rolling out an innovative stimulus package of its own. For a limited time, qualified individuals may take advantage of an incentive opportunity – first four months rent free, with a 12-month rental agreement. Act now this program expires April 2, 2010.

Maintenance of a home, health concerns and family issues indicate for many that now is the time to downsize or simplify. Some might be hesitant to list their home for sale; Some could anticipate difficulties in selling their home. The moving process can produce additional concerns. Otterbein’s stimulus plan and expert marketing team can help reduce those stresses.

Otterbein, a 97-year-old non-profit organization, maintains a long-standing history and remains financially stable. Otterbein is rated A-, investment grade, and is the 33rd largest senior living provider in the United States. There are approximately 4,640 not-for-profit providers of services to older adults in the U.S. Less than 1 percent are rated A- or higher by Standard and Poors or Fitch.

Further, as many service organizations retrench, Otterbein has continued to invest in upgraded facilities, new communities, and improvements in both the community environments and in the range of services provided.

People have the interest and desire to live here, and now is the time – regardless of the economy – and the new incentives make it possible for folks to act sooner than later.

A continuing care retirement community, Otterbein North Shore has additional resources to help people age in place. Whether it is short-term rehabilitation from surgery, a hospital stay or acute incident or more long-term care solutions, Otterbein has the right plans and programs to meet your needs. In addition to independent living homes, personal home care services and assisted living are available at Otterbein North Shore.

Call Deb Pinkerton, Marketing Director, today at 419-798-8203 ext. 104 for more information!

About Otterbein Retirement Living Communities
Founded in 1912, Otterbein Retirement Living Communities is a health and human service ministry, serving close to 1,700 people, and is related to the East Ohio and West Ohio Conferences of The United Methodist Church. Otterbein’s five retirement communities in western and northern Ohio are located in Lebanon, St. Marys, Cridersville, Pemberville and on the Marblehead Peninsula on Lake Erie. Otterbein is leading the nation in changing the face of nursing care by taking the bold step of moving elders to homes in the community at large. Small house neighborhoods are located in Perrysburg and Monclova in northern Ohio and Clearcreek Township and Middletown in southern Ohio. Avalon in Hamilton Township is under construction.

Additional information regarding Otterbein Retirement Living Communities and Avalon by Otterbein is available on its Web site at or by calling 1-888-513-9131.

9400 North Shore Boulevard, Lakeside-Marblehead, Ohio 43440

Date: February 18, 2010
Release Date: Immediately
Subject: Otterbein North Shore Incentive Program
For more information call: Deb Pinkerton, Marketing Director, 419-798-8203 ext. 104


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